International college students participated in volunteer teaching in Qionghai

The college student volunteer from Egypt Ahmad plays games with the children. (Photo by Yuan Yu/Hainan Daily)

Recently, the International College Students Volunteer Teaching Summer Camp organized by Hainan "Beautiful Soul" College Student Volunteer Teacher Association  held a closing ceremony at Donghai village in Bo'ao town, Qionghai City.

The Summer Camp this year is a 12-day teaching program which involves situational English, Rubik's Cube lessons, fun sports, environment protection-themed lessons and some interesting experiments. Among the total of 18 college student volunteers participating in the program, there are the students from domestic universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, South China Normal University and South China University of Technology, as well as the students from the United States, Britain, Spain, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Under the guide of the volunteer teachers, more than 50 primary and middle school students in Hainan province have gained a lot from the colorful activities and cultural exchanges. Unlike general short-term volunteer teaching activities, this summer camp combined teaching with summer camp activities, making children and college students grow together through the participatory activities such as “reading, art, and games”.

Akula, the college student volunteer from India, told the reporter from Hainan Daily, "I introduce Indian culture in my class and the students like it very much. I also have learned lots of knowledge about Chinese culture and history, and improved my teaching methods."

"In this 12-day activities, we constantly adjust our teaching programs to provide the students with the contents more suitable for them to learn." Wen Xinyi, one of the college student volunteers, said that the children were very enthusiastic and concentrated on the activities, "I feel full of sense of accomplishment on seeing the children  express their ideas bravely."

"We study and live together in the summer camp, and I like Chinese culture and foods very much," Mamasasri, the college student volunteer from India, said he learned much Chinese culture and history, and accumulated some teaching experience, "it is wonderful to grow up with the students."

"The elder brothers and sisters are not only our teachers but also our good friends," said the pupil Lin Yujing. The college student volunteers gave English lessons and told some historical and cultural stories to them. After classes, they would play games and make manual models together.

"I am happy to join this summer camp." Lin Yuhao, one of local primary students told the reporter that he could be able to communicate in simply English. "I am so touched that the elder brothers and sisters are accompanying us to grow up during the summer vocation. I want to do such volunteer teaching abroad when I grow up to spread Chinese culture."

"It is obvious that this summer camp has brought some changes to my child. His oral expression skills and hands-on ability have been improved, and he becomes more cheerful." The parent of the pupil Yang Dingyi told to the reporter.

Wang Huimin, secretary general of Hainan "Beautiful Soul" College Student Volunteer Teacher Association, said that the Association, in this August, will carry out volunteer teaching activities at Xincun Primary School, Mazhai Primary School and Qianqiu Primary School in Qionghai City. "We will continue to develop kinds of volunteer teaching programs to make more primary and middle school students have a more meaningful vocation."

Source: Hainan Daily

Responsible editor: 陳書敏
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