The 7th ASEAN-China Young Leaders Exchange Festival kicks off in Hainan

On August 13, 2019, the 7th ASEAN-China Young Leaders Exchange Festival (ACYLEF) kicks off in Hainan. In the next few days, about 100 young leaders from ASEAN countries and Hainan will have a five-day field visit in Hainan, through which they will learn more about Hainan and China to deepen the mutual friendship.

The festival is jointly organized by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the China-ASEAN Association and the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province.

Gu Xiulian, president of the China-ASEAN Association, proposed to hold the China-ASEAN youth friendly exchange activities at the 7th Conference on ASEAN-China People-to-People Friendships Organizations in 2012. With the aims to promote the mutual understanding and trust of the youths between China and ASEAN countries, and develop the next generation of youths for China-ASEAN friendship, this move has received positive responses from ASEAN countries. 

In 2013, the first “ASEAN-China Young Leaders Exchange Festival (ACYLEF)” was held in Beijing. Since then, it has been held in different provinces every year and has become an important platform for the exchange of young leaders between China and ASEAN countries.

With the theme of “Led by the Youth to Jointly Build the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, about 100 young leaders from Hainan and seven ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, participate in this festival, which will be held from August 12th to 16th.

“I am the team leader of the Myanmar youth team, and a total of 10 young representatives come to Hainan this time,” said Lin Aiding, “I’m not very familiar with Hainan before. After arriving yesterday, I felt Hainan is very beautiful. I hope that through this trip, I can communicate with more friends and also have a better understanding of Hainan.”

“I did not expect that Hainan had developed so well,” said Zhang Pinjian, a youth representative from Malaysia. He told the reporters that he is engaged in the sales industry in Malaysia, and this is his first visit to Hainan. He wants to learn more about Hainan culture through this festival and bring more information back to Malaysia, to attract more Malaysian students to come to Hainan for study and exchange.

Wu Jiong, director of the East Asian Work Department of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, said that the annual "China-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Festival" has been held for six years, it has important meaning that the festival is held in Hainan this year.

“Hainan’s achievements in exploring the process of building a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port have fully demonstrated the development of China’s reform and opening up. The ultimate goal of the "China-ASEAN Young Leaders Exchange Festival", which has not been changed for years, is to further cultivate the successors to promote the China-ASEAN youth friendship.

Responsible editor: 陳書敏
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